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What's special about mos.?

Learn about the values of the Mobility Suite mos., the game-changing app development solution empowering your business to innovate quickly and gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


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Get a demo via the mos.viewer app

Access a live demo of your app anytime with mos.viewer. Install it on different devices to evaluate and fine-tune the UI for user-friendliness and appeal. Present proof of concept easily with mos.launcher and a QR code scanned by mos.viewer.

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Track app performance, manage licenses, and view version histories.


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Upgrade your app’s capabilities and manage your extensions.


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Push your app to the app stores with a single click.

One Code. Endless Possibilities.​

Learn how other businesses took benefit of the apps created with mos.


Custom App Solutions

Thanks to low-code simplicity, businesses across sectors, like retail, events, cities, marketplaces, and more, easily develop native apps tailored to their specific needs, with minimal development skills required.



Why develop a native app?

Learn about the advantages of native apps to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in the digital world and achieve digital goals more effectively.


The potential of low code

This article shows how low code helps develop software faster while using fewer resources. It also includes industry statistics and trends for decision-makers and developers.

Low Code Technology

Accelerate development, create apps more efficiently, and reduce costs with lightweight low-code technology.

Native App Development

Configure true native apps for offline capability and superior performance over mobile websites.

Universal Adaption

Code once, run anywhere with consistent design on all devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

Seamless Scalability

Effortlessly handle growing data volumes with scalable apps, avoiding major issues.

Flexibility & Integration

Integrate external data sources and interact with diverse systems, including CRM, ERP, CMS, and Social Media. Plus, migrate existing apps seamlessly.

Full Customization

Build custom solutions thanks to the modular approach and add-ons with features such as secure instant messaging, appointment booking, visual playlists, and more.

Long-term Compatibility

Your app is always update-ready, functional, and adaptable without reevaluation. Update live apps on-the-fly.

Security & Compliance

Enhance app protection with robust security measures and enterprise-ready containers (EMM, MDM).


Deliver multilingual apps that adapt seamlessly to right-to-left (RTL) languages for a consistent user experience worldwide.

Tech Control Assurance

Maintain complete tech control and address any lock-in concerns by reaching out.

Enhanced Developer Experience

Boost developer productivity with Mobility Suite mos., enabling iterative development, testing, and automation.

Versatile Solutions

The technology enables businesses from diverse industries to tackle complex use cases.

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Upon registration, you will be granted exclusive access to early information about Mobility Suite mos. When you're ready to enjoy the full benefits of the Mobility Suite in the future, a dedicated license agreement will be provided to you.

Full Customization

Utilize the modular approach to create custom solutions highly tailored to your specific requirements, with the flexibility to integrate features such as secure instant messaging, appointment booking, visual playlists, and more.